Writing Challenge

New writing challenges and website

August 15, 2021

I recently found by chance a website called Vocal, actually it was a brief blip on Instagram. So I saved it and went back to it a few weeks later. Here is my link to the website as a new vocal ambassador if you wish to check it out:


It is a platform for creators of mostly writing content so there have been some interesting reads on it. Then I saw the writing challenges portion. That really caught my eye.

You do have to be a paid subscriber to the website to enter the challenges but it was only $9.99 per month. I figured that letting go of a couple of the television providers that I was not watching and replacing it with this website would be a better fit for me overall.

So today I entered my first writing challenge. It was rather exhilarating knowing that I have a chance at winning a competition for writing a story.

It was also my first venture into creative writing. A year or so ago I had made my first attempts at writing poetry and that was the only creative writing I had done. I have never created a fiction story before, going back and forth over it for a few days now. Having all my children read through it before submitting it along with one of my pictures that I took last year.

The contest ends on August 17th and the winners will be posted on the 30th of this month.

Who knows, maybe I have found something that will continue to keep that creative spark present in my life.

I will post a copy of the story that I submitted and hopefully keep up that momentum.

Thank you for stopping by.

Have a wonderful week ahead!

Peace, love, happiness, and good vibes, always!