Knowing – poem by SE Allen

I know where you are, I was there too.

No amount of “things”, take away the blue.

Talking helps but only if you hear.

It’s not the thoughts, the actions you fear.

The road will be dark and long.

You will struggle to find the dawn.

Know this to be true.

You will feel lost, emotionally unglued.

One day you will find the light again.

Hold on to hope, no matter how thin.

Each day that passes is not the same.

One day your fine, the next in pain.

It gets easier with each word spoken.

Getting better, your spirit was broken.

You will find the real you.

That part that’s hidden from view.

Remember, we have to fall before we fly.

The waves will crash and then subside.

You are loved by many and not forgotten.

The wounds will heal, just keep walking.

Hardest part is over, you survived.

Getting past ones own ego and sense of pride.

Keep going, the journey has just begun.

The past is over, today is done.

Tomorrow is another new day.

Find the strength, to just be okay.

Breaking the pain will be hard to do.

Know where you’ve been, I went there too.


Poem written about mental health and depression in response to a post on social media.

Listening to the post, I felt that familiar gnawing feeling in my thoughts, “I know what you mean.”.

I now know that the sense of hopelessness is temporary even when it does not feel like it. It can be overwhelming.

Deep breath in. Deep breath out.

Each day gives us a new chance to begin again. Take that opportunity to care for your own well-being. It’s important.

If you need to step away from the situation you are in, do so. It is for your own self-preservation.

If you are having thoughts of harming yourself, please reach out to someone. It will make you feel better, even a stranger on the other end of the line is better than feeling like you are struggling alone.

Link to website with hotlines for other countries:


Link to for US hotlines:


Thank you for stopping by.

Peace, love, and good vibes, always.