Braids by SE Allen


Poem inspired by morning sunrise and daily routine.

Morning sunrise, full of grace.

Aging lines on her face.

Early morning thoughts abound.

Quiet contemplation, her gaze turns down.

Each twist and turn of the braid.

Feeling lost in this maze.

A world that she does not know.

Tradition, culture, lost long ago.

Living in a reality that refuses to see.

The pain and hurt from head to feet.

Past transgressions from outsiders.

Forever a part of, and inside her.

She is just one of many still remaining.

Not visible, vocal, or entertaining.

Quietly determined to change the tide.

Instilling hope and a sense of pride.

Raising the next generation of the nations.

Scientists, artist, and education.

Her quiet conversation with the universe.

Guide and protect the others who are hurt.

Find those who are lost and bring them home.

Bring peace and love to the ones left alone.

War is never an answer nor the solution.

Money and power are just an illusion.

The only truth in life, is death in the end.

Don’t waste the life you have been given.

Live with a purpose each day.

Find your voice, say what you need to say.

Tomorrow, another chance, a new day.

Wake up and be your best in every way.

Braids are done and coffee brewing.

The sun is up and cats are meowing.

Random musings and written word.

Thoughts, feelings, and a need to be heard.

Her gaze turns to the neighborhood.

Feeling calm, grateful, and pretty good.


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Have a wonderful week!

Peace, love, happiness, and good vibes, always.