Good morning, hello world – poem by Suzanne Allen

Good morning, hello world

by Suzanne Allen


Awake once more, before 6 am.

Wandering thoughts again .

Sleeping earlier in the night.

Drifting away, I close my eyes.

Dreams of what may be.

Mountains, beaches, and beautiful seas.

Contentment I find there.

No sadness, distress, or despair.

Positive thoughts becoming the norm.

Mind weathering the storms.

Finding goodness in each new day.

Awake, eager, ready to play.

Happiness found in the little things.

Morning coffee, cats meow, sun rising.

This is what life is meant to be.

Peaceful, calm, and feeling free.

Start the morning with positive thoughts.

Yesterday’s battles were already fought.

Gratitude is the attitude for the day.

Peace, love, happiness, a thought away.

Each day is not a given.

Don’t wallow, start living.

Good morning, hello world.

From this Oklahoma girl.