Forever in our Songs – By Suzanne E. Allen


Forever in our Songs – By Suzanne E. Allen

The old wounds crisscrossed a path on the heart.

Reminders of the trust that was broken from the start.

Known to those who kept hope, faith, belief, and always resisted.

There were only lies, honesty and integrity never existed.

Some wounds will never heal.

Disguised, covered up by the way we feel.

Failing to keep eyes on the truth.

Forced boundaries, establishing different roots.

Safer to remain anonymous.

Instead of seeking retribution from what is in front of us.

The hearts of millions were broken.

The day the interlopers came, deceptive in practice, unscrupulous words spoken.

The past is done, the life we knew is gone.

All that remains is the heartbreak of yesterday.

Always in our minds and forever in our songs.