Self by Suzanne E. Allen

Free Verse Alphabet Poem


“Self” by Suzanne E. Allen

Alone in the world she traveled.

Battled and weary she fought to reach her goals.

Calmness she sought.

Determination never flagging.

Endless obstacles to overcome.

Fierceness in her eyes.

Growing continuously.

Hope surrounded her.

Indifference was met head on.

Justification for her existence.

Kindness for everyone she met.

Love is all she needed.

Men were her nemesis.

Older but not necessarily wiser.

Parenting others while feeling orphaned.

Questioning everything.

Reaching for happiness and stability.

Saving herself from others.

Truthful to a fault.

Understanding more than people realized.

Valor instead of victimization.

Winning in spite of losing.

Xanadu is the place she is seeking.

Youthful soul.

Zenith is in the end