Stronger than you by SE Allen



Stronger than you.

Invisible to some.

Spoken to often on a whim.

Curious questions about who I am.

I am no great beauty according to society’s view.

You approached me, I didn’t approach you.

You see me but never really know.

That you may be temporary and I am on a different road.

Been hurt, broken and in pain.

Things no one should ever have to explain.

In search of something greater than myself.

Only knowing that my heart wants to help.

Not sure how others fit in this life of mine.

Beautiful human beings in person and online.

 Most relationships will never last.

My Soul guarded by the wrongs of the past.

Opinionated and strong-willed.

Never meaning harm.

You said that was a part of my charm.

This brief moment in time we share.

If I am needed I will always be there.

Trying hard to not let you take advantage of me.

I often fail because this world is lonely.

The truth is there when you’re ready to see it too.

Our existence is short and there’s so much you can do.

Don’t think that I am weak because life made me stronger than you.