Darkness and Light – Poem


Darkness and Light by Suzanne Allen

Morning sunrise an opportunity

To forget the day before

Find serenity

Yesterday is gone

Never to be replayed

A new dawn

Time does not standstill

Moves like the ocean

Ride the wave, watch the swell

The chance again

New thoughts or ideas

Dreams never end

Wonders never cease

See the world anew

Find your peace

Twenty four hours in a day

Don’t languish or dawdle

Get up, don’t delay

Stay positive, move ahead

Discover own happiness

Don’t stay in bed

Begin with a good vibe

Soul’s frequency

Turn way up high

No one can change the past

You’re the captain of your ship

Start early, move fast

You are the life you live

Destiny cannot be changed

Laugh, love, and forgive

The day will end at midnight

If you fail, don’t despair

Close your eyes, it’s alright

A new dawn is rising

Do your best, try once more

Morning light on the horizon

Days are cycles of darkness and light

You are in charge

Reset the clock each night