Wild blue – Poetry by Suzanne Allen

November 1, 2022

Waves rise and fall, in the deepest oceans in view.

Beneath the surface, an unknown kingdom calls.

Large, small, and varied creatures in this azure hue.

Gliding, moving effortlessly, like flying through the sky.

Schools of bright colors, throughout the coral sea bed.

This watery habitat, last to explore by the human eye.

Delicate balance the world above, and below the horizon sea.

Unknown to those that dare to travel into the abyss.

This sanctuary, called home by inhabitants unknown, to you and me.

The kingdom of seas make up most of this world’s dimensions.

Too big to take care of by one person, one country alone.

Continuously polluted by man’s inventions.

Every day matters, every action leads to a better world, a better place.

Waiting too long, continue to idle, Mother Nature will decide our fate.

Intervention needed by every generation, every human race.

This is the largest part of our world, this wild blue.

Home to voices we cannot hear, understand or communicate with.

They are depending on us, not just me but also you too.