25 Years…a tribute to some fabulous human beings.

This was my entry for the Silver Cakes competition at the 25th Anniversary of the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show. I got 2nd place and these are the people responsible for making the opportunity possible. This was only the second ribbon I received in these short 5 years of entering this competition. I was so … Continue reading 25 Years…a tribute to some fabulous human beings.

Competition – The countdown has begun.

I was reminded this past week, as I was updating a website dedicated to cake decorating and sugar art classes, that my time to complete a competition piece is slowly dwindling down. On the Facebook group I belong to we discuss that very thing almost on a daily basis as other competitors talk about their … Continue reading Competition – The countdown has begun.

Overlays and Inlays

This cake decorating topic is about overlays and inlays.  A very basic cake decorating and sugar art technique that has many possibilities. Instead of posting individual pictures I have included a power point presentation/video attached. Thank you for stopping by. Happy Caking! Suzanne

Music that Inspires – Finding creativity

April 27. 2017 One of the effects of depression and anxiety is loss of motivation or desire.  This can spill over into everything that a person does.  Something simple as making a decision on what to eat for dinner can seem overwhelming when it never did before. I have been involved in cake decorating and … Continue reading Music that Inspires – Finding creativity

Not a Traditional American Buttercream

I love learning new things and gaining knowledge.  Whether its reading about people, places or things.  Watching cooking shows on cable or finding great cake decorating tutorials on YouTube.  I've always believed that in order to grow to who we want to become you must continually learn and never stop. So one of things I … Continue reading Not a Traditional American Buttercream