25 Years…a tribute to some fabulous human beings.

This was my entry for the Silver Cakes competition at the 25th Anniversary of the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show. I got 2nd place and these are the people responsible for making the opportunity possible. This was only the second ribbon I received in these short 5 years of entering this competition. I was so … Continue reading 25 Years…a tribute to some fabulous human beings.

Overlays and Inlays

This cake decorating topic is about overlays and inlays.  A very basic cake decorating and sugar art technique that has many possibilities. Instead of posting individual pictures I have included a power point presentation/video attached. Thank you for stopping by. Happy Caking! Suzanne

Music that Inspires – Finding creativity

April 27. 2017 One of the effects of depression and anxiety is loss of motivation or desire.  This can spill over into everything that a person does.  Something simple as making a decision on what to eat for dinner can seem overwhelming when it never did before. I have been involved in cake decorating and … Continue reading Music that Inspires – Finding creativity