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Alone in the Dark

By SE Allen Alone in the dark. Trying to be alright. Waiting for the light. Alone in the dark. Feelings of sadness. Tired of being like this. Alone in the dark. The place where I roam. Learn to be on your own. Alone in the dark. Thoughts swirl, get twisted. Feeling rejected. Alone in the dark. Overthinking mess. Tired and

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Emptiness. Hole. Hollow. “The quality or state of being without something” These are similar descriptions of feeling nothing. A void. People with Major Depression and anxiety understand the void very well. As one with major depression this feeling of emptiness happens quite often especially when under stress. During these moments of feeling nothing,  it’s almost serene and calm.  No reactions

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Seasons Greetings, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

It is December 23, 2018.  I’m sitting here on this Sunday morning drinking my coffee, listening to Christmas music, and trying to find that holiday spirit.  Christmas is just 2 days away and it just feels like any other day. I’ve had moments in the past when I just didn’t feel up to the holiday season because of the depression

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