Romantic Notions

"...emotional side that has believed and still believes in love, romance, and a soul mate."

Birds Chirping by SE Allen

Days seem bleak. Only been a few weeks. Early morning birds chirping. Feelings of sorrow. Sense of no tomorrow. Early morning birds chirping. Woke up today. Down mood go away. Early morning birds chirping. Time to make peace. Inner soul struggling and weak. Early morning birds chirping. Things will be okay. We’ve always got a … Continue reading Birds Chirping by SE Allen

The path less traveled.

March 16, 2020 It is a Monday. The last couple of weeks have seen a worldwide event that has stopped almost all nations and their daily lives.  Those affected number over 160,00 so far with a death toll of over 6,000.  The World Health Organization finally categorized it as a pandemic.  This means it is … Continue reading The path less traveled.

Alone in the Dark

By SE Allen Alone in the dark. Trying to be alright. Waiting for the light. Alone in the dark. Feelings of sadness. Tired of being like this. Alone in the dark. The place where I roam. Learn to be on your own. Alone in the dark. Thoughts swirl, get twisted. Feeling rejected. Alone in the … Continue reading Alone in the Dark