Racism and Reparations

"...We are all citizens of this land, but we will never be truly equal until we demand it and support one another in obtaining it."

Burden by Suzanne Allen

Felt positive, sure, and moving.Put on the mask of happiness.Always a burden. Opened heart bared not hardened.Thought people actually cared.Always a burden. Tears come easy and often.The quiet of being alone is deafening.Always a burden. Soul is tired of hurting.Just wanted a life to call my own.Always a burden. This wasn’t eden the garden.It was … Continue reading Burden by Suzanne Allen

Autumn depression

"Fall time is usually the worst time of year for my depression. It starts in September and lasts until spring..."

Life of an Empty Nester

"This first year as a new empty nester wasn’t perfect and things didn’t go the way I expected but neither did the marriage or the life I had up until this point. "

Remembering 9/11/2001

September 11, 2020 It was an ordinary day for me. I got up, took my kids to school and day care. My husband went off to work. I went off to my college classes for that day. I was just finishing up my college algebra class that morning and heading to my macroeconomics class. As … Continue reading Remembering 9/11/2001

17 years, 28 months, 22 days

"I have...begun to realize that men don’t necessarily know what they want either despite this patriarchal society we live in...They... have developed the rules we live by but also fail by those same rules...always ...there is a balance between male and female that is a part of nature. We can’t get away from it and why would we? We are meant to balance one another not fight against it..."

Monday thoughts

I’ve been contemplating a lot lately and considering what I want as far as a relationship goes. I realized that all the previous ones involved me giving all my time and energy into trying to make it work. It should have never been that way. Going forward the person that wants my attention will have … Continue reading Monday thoughts

The power of the written word: love.

"I questioned that God’s judgment on me was because I was born not from love, so I cannot be loved in return...because I was not born from love that I would never know what it is like to be loved."